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Journey to Consciousness, by Healing.  On Sale Now!

M.ind O.ver M.atter Book #1 of Series: The Awakening

This collection of poetry and affirmations will take you on a journey through life, love, spirituality, culture and consciousness. The themes explored will touch upon the common experiences that we all have had that connect us through the collective unconscious. As you read these poems, not only will you have a glimpse into the life and mind of Healing, but you will find nuggets that will inspire you to expand your mind, heart and soul to new levels of consciousness.

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Healing Affirmations

Healing the whole you - Mind, Body and Soul.

  • Field of Dreams

    As children of God, we have access to a limitless field of possibilities and opportunities. As such “whatever you desire is already yours.” Namaste, Healing...

  • On “The Woman King”

    If you have any amount of BLACK blood in your body this is for you: Excellent does not even begin to scratch the surface of the amazing impact and message that “The Woman King” reverberates!!! After seeing the movie, I’m reminde...

  • Stop Waiting for the Ball to Drop

    In this society, many of us have been conditioned to believe that when things are going well and/or our way that there will soon come a period where the opposite is true…we wait for the “ball to drop” so to speak. It...

  • Love Letter to God

    To God the Father: Thank you for creating me and breathing life into my being. It was LOVE through which, for which, and because of which that you brought me into existence. Without you, there would be no me, because You and I are ONE...

  • Tis the Season to Love

    The Holiday Season often comes with mixed emotions for those who are not able to be with loved ones for various reasons, the hustle and bustle of shopping for gifts, and people clamoring to get to their respective vacations. But what ...

  • Gimme the LIGHT!

    As children of God, we are all LIGHT and LOVE. As such, we deny who/what we truly are when we give way to fear. When we relinquish our power to fear, we feed the lie that darkness prevails. This lie eventually becomes what we believe....

  • Turn Down for What!

    We live in a society that conditions us to not walk in our truth, to fit in, and to not live up to our full potential for fear that we will either fail or cause someone else to feel uncomfortable. The truth is that when......

  • Be Selfish!

    Because God created all of us we are all connected through God. Which means we are all part of the One Self. That said, it’s a good thing to be SELFISH…as long as it’s with the mindset that WE ARE ONE! As we choose t...