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M.ind O.ver M.atter Book #1 of Series: The Awakening

This collection of poetry and affirmations will take you on a journey through life, love, spirituality, culture and consciousness. The themes explored will touch upon the common experiences that we all have had that connect us through the collective unconscious. As you read these poems, not only will you have a glimpse into the life and mind of Healing, but you will find nuggets that will inspire you to expand your mind, heart and soul to new levels of consciousness.

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Holistic health and wellness is the primary mission of M.O.M. We provide an array of products and services that enhance mental, spiritual, physical and emotional wellness

Allow M.O.M. to help you access the power within to create the life you choose. Live the life you’ve always wanted through increased consciousness and spiritual practices.


Positive affirmations that help to raise consciousness and navigate through life using all aspects of who we are

Using our trifecta approach (Mind, Body & Soul) nutrition experts will craft a program that is specific to your needs and lifestyle to help you achieve complete health and wellness.

Our relaxation and beautification services through “Refreshing Moments” will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated.

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