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October 2018

The Choice to Be

There are two perspectives from which to think about our existence as it pertains to choice: (1) humanistic (2) and spiritual. The human side to our existence is finite, it is also something that we choose from moment to moment as we traverse our individual journeys...

Created to Relate

Throughout history, we have come up with many reasons as to why God created us. It is my belief that we were created to have a relationship with God, and through that relationship, foster and cultivate "right relationship" with one another. God is Omniscient, which means...

Love is Service

TO LOVE IS TO SERVE. To say "I love you" is to say "I am your servant". Servitude as a result of love does not have to be met with inferiority, shame, degradation, and/or fear when the love is true, even if it is not...