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Vincent Grant
Verified Book Purchaser

"I was taken on a voyage of introspection of the author’s Journey to Consciousness: Affirmations of Healing. It introduced me to a new positive light. I felt as if the book knows my private life. This was all possible because of the author’s vivid, creative, and captivating style of writing. The well-placed life lessons and the roller coaster of emotions that becomes tangible on each page gave the book a taste for everyone to enjoy. I don’t want to give any of the book’s powerful healing reflections and poems for that would be a spoiler, but I will add that the writings are highly relatable and the message is clear. It transmits the feeling of the theme it expresses. This book is just right for me. I love it."

Robert Arnold
Verified Book Purchaser

"To begin with, I found myself moved to tears at certain moments within the book, as I had grown deeply attached to each profound thought. Revealing the exact instances would only spoil the experience for others, so I won’t tell where. However, I must emphasize that these particular passages touched me on a profound level. Individually, the writings showcased meticulous craftsmanship, skillfully evoking strong emotions and fostering a deeper understanding of an array of themes. Once you begin reading, you'll find it nearly impossible to put the book down. While it is true that some pieces may not resonate with every reader, I am confident that within these pages, there lies something for everyone—a treasure waiting to be discovered. This publication is nothing short of exquisite, skillfully woven together to create a masterpiece. It is with utmost enthusiasm that I extend my highest recommendation for this book. Its beauty and artistry are bound to leave an indelible impression on your heart and mind."

Elizabeth Bradley
Verified Book Purchaser

"Journey to Consciousness: Affirmations of Healing is a literary work of art that is both gorgeous and thought-provoking in scope. Given the book’s theme, it’s no surprise that there are a lot of highs and lows along the way, from love to loss, life after chaos, and to spirituality. It manages to keep my attention for the entire time. One will surely be bequeathed a wealth of new insights such as the benefits of giving, labels, FEAR, and more. The author, Healing, deserves a lot of credit for bringing the amazing realizations that are pertinent to our existence that many can relate to. This book deserves 5 stars!"

Linda Santos
Verified Book Purchaser

"First impression matters, so here’s my honest review. Journey to Consciousness: Affirmations of Healing is a literary work full of potent messages, inspirational notions, and thought-provoking ideologies. Within its pages, one encounters a wealth of profound insights, evidence of the author's wholehearted dedication to crafting this magnificent work. Above all else, this book revolves around the central theme of God, who embodies pure love. Overall, this book is meant to be savored slowly and meticulously, allowing ample time to internalize the profound insights within each chapter. It encourages deep contemplation on how these truths can be actively incorporated into our own lives."

Barbara Hart
Verified Book Purchaser

"Reading such profound and captivating ideas and thoughts, intricately sculpted with purpose, is truly a thing of beauty. I was profoundly impressed by the author's contemplation and introspection evident in each piece of writing. While most of the entries are written in prose, and the few poems lack a specific rhyming scheme or rhythm, their message remains remarkable. It is evident that this work was not created hastily. One can discern that the author poured his heart and soul into crafting this masterpiece. Nevertheless, there was one poem that truly captured my attention: "WWLD." Comprised of five stanzas, each containing three lines, its rhyme scheme fascinated me the most. The poem follows an AAB rhyme pattern, with a distinctive meter on the final line of each stanza. With a total of 163 pages, I’m sure you’ll be sad to see it come to an end. The words were perfectly chosen to impress one’s mind in promoting healing amidst disappointments and chaos in changes. It is no secret that I am a fervent admirer of this book."

Maria Elliott
Verified Book Purchaser

"A truly successful book needs relatable and passionate writing that fits perfectly in its pages. This collection of beautifully expressed ideas covers many different themes that appeal to different people. In this book, you might discover pieces that deeply touch your heart, but some may not have the same effect. That's just how it is with a diverse collection of writings. Albeit, this book provides healing to anyone that reads it. The beautiful poetries, affirmations, and nuggets of wisdom are nothing short of remarkable. I was also amazed at how the author turned weaknesses into strengths. Topics like Rain, Closed Doors, Turning, Change, Loss, And Changing Experience had a profound effect on me. In essence, this book encapsulates the heart and soul of the author's brilliant mind offering a window into the complexities of human experience, the highs, and lows that shape our paths. It invites you to witness the author's growth and transformation, as he navigates the intertwining threads of love, God, conflict, and self-discovery.

Roy Dunn
Verified Book Purchaser

"From the moment I delved into its pages, I found myself unable to tear my eyes away from Journey to Consciousness: Affirmations of Healing. Its exploration of a wide array of themes was expressed with thoroughness, simplicity, and aesthetic finesse. This literary journey proved to be an immensely powerful and deeply moving experience, one that I wished would never come to an end. With fewer than 200 pages, it tantalizes the reader's appetite, leaving them yearning for more. The majority, if not all, of the writings, are crafted in free verse, drawing readers into a captivating world where myriad themes unfold. The simplicity and complexity of the messages within will undoubtedly pique your curiosity. In its entirety, this book is truly immersive and captivating. And I appreciate the author’s boldness to make God and love his central theme. It goes without saying that I wholeheartedly recommend this book to everyone seeking a captivating and enthralling read."

Eugene Gardner
Verified Book Purchaser

"Journey to Consciousness: Affirmations of Healing" is a profound literary masterpiece that skillfully combines nuggets of wisdom presented through both prose and poetry. It offers readers the freedom to delve into limitless possibilities and traverse the boundless landscape of imagination. It empowers individuals to explore any subject matter and embark on journeys without the confines of traditional constraints. In this mesmerizing book, the author delves into profound life lessons that stir contemplation, serving multiple purposes that revolve around the concept of healing. The book comprises fewer than 200 pages and is divided into two distinct parts. The initial section offers insightful reflections on Love/Relationships, Transition, Emotions, and Spirituality/Consciousness, presented in prose form. Each topic concludes with a powerful affirmation. The second part, titled "MOM: The Awakening," predominantly consists of free-verse poems, beautifully crafted to awaken the reader's consciousness. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to all who seek wisdom and solace within its pages."

William Vasquez
Verified Book Purchaser

"What I appreciate most is the author's raw and unfiltered approach to expressing his outlook and ideologies in life, akin to the teachings of the Bible. The author artistically embraces his feelings and isn't afraid to speak his mind. Through his words, he invites us into the depths of love, God, life, and more offering an intimate and inspiring reading experience. Each thought and reflection resonates deeply with me, allowing me to personally connect with the profound insights shared. I have a profound appreciation for one specific aspect: the author's deliberate approach to leading the reader on a journey toward both God and self-discovery, recognizing them as intertwined and interconnected. The author skillfully portrays God as a mirrored reflection within the pages, inviting the reader to embark on a path of enlightenment and personal growth. He provides a platform for us to explore our own thoughts and emotions, creating a truly engaging and interactive reading experience. I am eagerly looking forward to diving into his next book, eagerly anticipating the same level of authenticity and inspiration. This book has touched me in ways I can't fully express, and I am grateful to have discovered such a talented and insightful writer."

Ralph Payne
Verified Book Purchaser

"This book is a beautiful guidebook filled with bold and believable statements that could transform lives by just reading it. Growing up as a person with a passion for religion, especially Christianity, I always have high expectations from these kinds of books. Without a doubt, the author has exceeded my expectations. Journey to Consciousness: Affirmations of Healing encompasses a collection of diverse ideas that illuminate various themes, including resilience, hope, relationship, self-love, God, love, F.A.E.R., etc. I was genuinely astonished by the author’s ability to intricately intertwine these beautiful and inspiring messages that deeply resonate with one's soul while reading. The words effortlessly flowed, leaving me profoundly moved and validated by the writer's introspection. Despite its brevity, each piece possesses the power to heal relationships, from the individual soul to the broader spectrum of humanity, while also awakening an appreciation of self-awareness and more. In general, this book is exceptionally well-crafted due to its timeless content that possesses the ability to deeply resonate with one's soul. I absolutely adore it."