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Healing The Whole You - Mind. Body. & Soul.

Who We Are

M.ind O.ver M.atter (M.O.M.) was founded in 2007 by Corky Henderson, who, after a spiritual awakening took on the pen name of X. Healing. Having worked several years in healthcare he recognized the gaps that exist in our country’s approach to health and wellness and decided to do something about it. In the United States, we focus on passifying the symptoms of our health issues as opposed to healing the cause. X. Healing believed that to affect real/permanent change in one’s life that we should not only focus on healing the cause of the issue, but to cultivate and balance each aspect of who we are…mind, body and soul. This then became the mantra and vision for M.O.M.


X. Healing


X. Healing has written and published his first book of the M.O.M. book series-“The Awakening”. Soon to come are “The Affirmation of Healing” and “Journey to Consciousness”…so stay tuned.

About X. Healing

Born and raised as Corky Henderson, X. Healing was born March 13, 1978 in Chicago, Illinois. He began writing poetry very early on in life, usually inspired by love interests, spiritual epiphanies, familial hardships and other stimuli. He holds a B.A. in English literature from Morehouse College and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

In 2008 after an earnest prayer to know and love God more, X. Healing’s spirituality expanded tremendously causing him to have a more universal sense of who God is and who we are in connection to God and each other. This new found consciousness catapulted X. Healing along his individual journey and caused him to realize his destiny…to share his truth with the world and to evoke Healing. He would do this by helping others to heal mentally, physically and spiritually. This endeavor began as a daily blog entitled “Healing Affirmations”; most of these can be found on the M.O.M. blog.

Holistic health and wellness is what we specialize in, providing an array of products and services to enhance mental, spiritual, physical and emotional wellness.

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