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Expansive Love

Expansive Love

Because we live in this society, we have a natural proclivity to compartmentalize our lives. We go to great lengths to keep one aspect of our lives separate from others. So, naturally, when it comes to love, we tend to do the same thing-we separate the love that we give to our romantic interests from the love we give to our family and friends and any others. This can be detrimental to our efforts to create peace and balance in our lives because it gives energy to the idea that there is separation in our lives, which is false.

Love is all encompassing and cannot be boxed/compartmentalized…truly. Like God, love is a phenomena that, despite all of our efforts and knowledge, we still have yet to capture all that it is through our societal definitions. It is, however, something that we always have at our disposal because also like God it is Omnipresent and Omnipotent. This is why it cannot truly be compartmentalized.

The goal is to merely love each individual right where they are based on the specific type of connection we have with that being…in this case we are always providing the same love to all; however, the manifestation of that love changes from being to being according to the connection. As with all things in consciousness, this may take some time to achieve however, it is truly worth the effort. And so it is…



Chief Executive Officer

M.ind O.ver M.atter (M.O.M.) was founded in 2007 by Corky Henderson, who, after a spiritual awakening took on the pen name of Healing. Having worked several years in healthcare he recognized the gaps that exist in our country’s approach to health and wellness and decided to do something about it. In the United States, we focus on pacifying the symptoms of our health issues as opposed to healing the cause. Healing believed that to affect real/permanent change in one’s life that we should not only focus on healing the cause of the issue, but to cultivate and balance each aspect of who we are…mind, body, and soul. This then became the mantra and vision for M.O.M.

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