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Reclaiming Your Time

Reclaiming Your Time

Recently, Maxine Waters (43rd California Democratic Representative) sat before the senate where she was given a certain amount of time to give adequate responses to a battery of questions she was being asked. Prior to the questions being fired off, the speaker decided to take the opportunity to express his admiration for Representative Waters; while flattered, she continuously reminded him that she would not allow him to usurp her time allocation with accolades by repeating the phrase “Reclaiming my time!”. In a matter of days this phrase has gone viral and it inspired me to speak on the spiritual implications of “reclaiming one’s time”.

I’ve mentioned before the notion of going through life consciously as opposed to unconsciously. To put a finer point on the subject, when we decide to make conscious choices and thus raise our consciousness in our every day lives, we take control of our experiences and are able to better direct our paths. As we do this we garner a keener sense of where we’re going and how we’re going to get there. Put more simply, we then reclaim our time. This is one of the primary principles to creating the lives that we choose. So if life is taking you in a direction that you do not choose: make some changes, choose differently and more consciously, and reclaim your time! And so it is…



Chief Executive Officer

M.ind O.ver M.atter (M.O.M.) was founded in 2007 by Corky Henderson, who, after a spiritual awakening took on the pen name of Healing. Having worked several years in healthcare he recognized the gaps that exist in our country’s approach to health and wellness and decided to do something about it. In the United States, we focus on pacifying the symptoms of our health issues as opposed to healing the cause. Healing believed that to affect real/permanent change in one’s life that we should not only focus on healing the cause of the issue, but to cultivate and balance each aspect of who we are…mind, body, and soul. This then became the mantra and vision for M.O.M.


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