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The Cross

The Cross


A colleague and I got on the subject of the symbolism of the cross, and I deemed the outcome of the conversation worth sharing.

The vertical (long) beam of the cross represents our connection to God. The horizontal (short) beam represents our connection to each other. The vertical beam is longer because of the limitless amount of power that we have access to through our connection with God. It also represents our raised consciousness that will eventually achieve God-consciousness. Also, it is through our connection with God that we are all connected as God’s individual offspring. The horizontal beam is shorter because of the physical proximity that exists between us, God’s children. Additionally, it is our connection to each other that helps to fortify our connection with God. One could not exist without the other in order for the cross to be complete. This means that we are inextricably connected to God and each other. Christ reminded us of this truth by giving his life on the cross. And so it is…





Chief Executive Officer

M.ind O.ver M.atter (M.O.M.) was founded in 2007 by Corky Henderson, who, after a spiritual awakening took on the pen name of Healing. Having worked several years in healthcare he recognized the gaps that exist in our country’s approach to health and wellness and decided to do something about it. In the United States, we focus on pacifying the symptoms of our health issues as opposed to healing the cause. Healing believed that to affect real/permanent change in one’s life that we should not only focus on healing the cause of the issue, but to cultivate and balance each aspect of who we are…mind, body, and soul. This then became the mantra and vision for M.O.M.

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